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mesofiller®, the latest generation of dermal implants based on reticulated hyaluronic acid to correct wrinkles and restore facial volume. High quality dermal implants with cross-linked hyaluronic acid. It is a monophasic transparent gel of non-animal origin and completely absorbable.

The mesofiller® range is based on DENSIMATRIX® technology, a revolutionary cross-linking method associated with an intensive purification process. This unique technology enables the cross-linked of 100% hyaluronic acid chains to ensure better resistance to enzymatic degradation and maximum purity.

mesofiller® range inculdes 2 references which permmits stetic profesionals satisfy their patient’s needs:

· mesofiller global Reticulated hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) - medium wrinkles & lips treatment

· mesofiller intense Reticulated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml) - deep wrinkles & facial remodelling treatment