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x.prof 035 Oligoelements

Properties of Oligoelements:
Oligoelements are located in the body at a percentage of 0.01%, and their presence is essential for an adequate function of almost all biological processes. They reinforce the body defences against aggressions and help recover lost balance.

Zinc has a double antioxidant effect. On the one hand, because zinc ions appear to displace other metals that may act as pro-oxidants, such as copper and iron at critical sites such as cell membranes and proteins.

On the other hand, because it appears to stimulate metallothionein production, a protein that protects against the action of free radicals, particularly those formed after exposure to UV radiation. In addition, it improves healing.

Therefore, the topical use of zinc ions for the skin is a significant aid for defence against oxidative stress. Due to the hormonal affinity of the three trace elements they are used in combination; their objective is to achieve endocrine regulation. Cu is involved as a cofactor of multiple enzymes.

- Antioxidant.
- To improve metabolic obesities.
- To improve inflammatory conditions.